An example of EZ-ID software identifying a target scan of a plastic as an acrylic by matching it to a known sample in our
spectral library. This example shows a match to a custom library. EZ-ID also works with commercially available libraries.
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Library Builder Module
EZ-ID - Real-Time Sample Identification for
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers and Spectroradiometers
Quickly identify your target samples with EZ-ID software for SPECTRAL EVOLUTION
spectrometers and spectroradiometers. Built into our DARWin SP user interface, EZ-ID
provides real time sample identification for field or lab use. Scan your target data and
immediately match it against a known library, such as the USGS library or against your own
custom built library. EZ-ID provides a Library Builder software module so you can quickly and
easily create and add to a custom library.

EZ-ID software works with samples from a wide range of applications including vegetation
studies, soil research, crop health, raw materials identification and QC, plastics
identification, minerals, and more. EZ-ID provides:
  • Fast and accurate identification of target samples to a known library
  • Just collect your target scan using a SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometer or
    spectroradiomert and see results in real time
  • Simple consistent, familiar user interface
  • Check against custom or commercially available libraries
  • EZ-ID provides a weighted score for best matches
  • Dynamically include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal accuracy
  • Display results in as many score tables as you want and export to a spreadsheet
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Create your own custom library of mineral spectra for a specific set of minerals, locations,
projects - quickly and easily with our Library Builder Module.
  • Scan your sample with one of our spectrometers or spectroradiometers, such as the
    PSR-3500, PSM-3500, and oreXpress
  • Select the appropriate metadata associated with the scan
  • Define your own metadata fields
  • Add new scans to an existing library just as quickly and easily
  • Run new target scans against your library for immediate identification

Library Builder is a powerful tool for creating a custom library that will make your
identification processes even more accurate.
 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
The oreXpress spectrometer and EZ-ID software are trademarks of Spectral Evolution, Inc.
You can build your own custom library by scanning known samples and entering your critical metadata. Metadata can
be customized to include information specific to you application. For example in a raw materials inspection/QC
application you might include vendor name, lot number, and similar information. In a vegetation library, you might
include location (including GPS coordinates) time of day for the scan, atmospheric conditions, and so on.
EZ-ID provides multi-column score
tables for comparison of different
matching results based on  
different combinations of selected
match regions based on
absorption features. It also has
batch processing capabilities that
allows geologists to save their
scan files in  a format, a comma
separated file, or a tab delimited
text file. Batch processing is
frequently used to format scans
for use with other 3rd party
software for geological modeling
or mine planning.

EZ-ID also includes comparison
plot, information, and bibliography
features for library entries.