SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Library Builder Module
EZ-ID - Real-Time Mineral Identification for
oreXpress and SR-6500 Field Spectrometers
Quickly identify your target samples with EZ-ID software for oreXpress spectrometers. Built
into the oreXpress DARWin SP user interface, EZ-ID provides real time mineral identification
for field use. Scan your target data and immediately match it against a known mineral library,
such as the
USGS library, SpecMIN, the GeoSPEC High Resolution Library, or against your
own custom built library. EZ-ID includes
scalars to better understand geochemical conditions
at alteration. EZ-ID provides a Library Builder software module so you can quickly and easily
create and add to a custom mineral library based on location, target minerals, or whatever
criteria fits your application.

EZ-ID software works with samples from outcrops, pits, benches, and is well-suited for the
core logging shack. Rapid measurement and identification is provided through match
analysis with a high degree of certainty. EZ-ID features include:
  • Fast and accurate identification of target mineral to a known library
  • Just collect your scan using an oreXpress and see results in real time
  • Simple consistent, familiar user interface
  • Check against USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC libraries
  • EZ-ID provides a weighted score for best matches plus multiple columns to display and
    compare different matches based on different combinations of match regions
  • Dynamically include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal accuracy
  • Scalars to better understand crystallinity changes, alteration pattern shifts and
    geochgemical conditions at alteration
  • Well-suited for fast scanning and identification in a core logging application
  • USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC High Resolution libraries include information such as
    color, properties, chemical formula, and bibliography - all accessible directly from your
    EZ-ID window
  • Batch Mode allows the user to save scans, data, and EZ-ID results in a spreadsheet
    format, text file, or comma delimited file
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Create your own custom library of mineral spectra for a specific set of minerals, locations,
projects - quickly and easily with our Library Builder Module.
  • Scan your sample with an oreXpress spectrometer
  • Select the appropriate metadata associated with the scan
  • Define your own metadata fields
  • Add new scans to an existing library just as quickly and easily
  • Run new target scans against your library for immediate identification

Library Builder is a powerful tool for creating a custom library that will make your
identification processes even more accurate.
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Build your own spectral library for mineral identification
oreXpress field portable spectrometer for mineral identification with EZ-ID software
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