Azurite identification
The EZ-ID screens showing the identification of illite, azurite, and
malachite in our samples. The shaded regions in the screens are match
regions that were user-selected to focus on key absorption features for
better identification of the different minerals mixed in the sample.
Identifying Minerals Associated with Porphyry Copper
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Exploring for porphyry copper deposits requires the accurate
identification of pathfinder carbonate minerals. With an
spectrometer with EZ-ID and the USGS and optional SPECMin
libraries, geologists can identify typical pathfinder minerals such as
illite, azurite, and malachite, create a mineral map for the project
area, and set up a cost-effective drilling plan for ongoing
exploration. The oreXpress is a rugged geological spectrometer
designed for field use.

The oreXpress with EZ-ID delivers:
  • Full range NIR field spectrometer - 350-2500nm
  • High resolution/high sensitivity scanning in a lightweight field
  • Rugged reliable design with all photodiode arrays - no moving
    optical parts
  • EZ-ID mineral identification software matching your target
    samples against two libraries of more than 1600 spectra and
    600 minerals
  • Contact probe and two lithium-ion batteries for a full day of fast
    scanning in the field

EZ-ID features:
  • Fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a
    known spectral library sample
  • Simple, consistent user interface
  • USGS and SpecMIN libraries available
  • Weighted score for best matches
  • Include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal
  • User-configurable batch processing and output to an Excel

In exploring for porphyry copper, samples indicated the presence of
minerals that are related to copper deposits. Using EZ-ID, illite,
azurite, and malachite were identified in samples from outcrops.  

The data from this analysis can be used to create a mineral map for
the project area and decide on spots for drilling that have the most
potential. The oreXpress software interface (DARWin SP Data
Acquisition software) saves all files as ASCII for use with other
software packages in addition to our EZ-ID software. These ASCII files
are easy to import into software for 3D modeling, mine mapping and
 First in Full Range PDA Spectrometer, Spectroradiometer and Spectrophotometer Systems
Field sample from outcrop
Illite with identification fine-tuned using match regions
(shaded areas)
Malachite identification