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Measuring cellulose content in vegetation
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The leaf clip includes a built-in white reference and is designed to keep the heat from the illumination away
from your sample so that measurements can be accurate and non-destructive.
Using a field spectroradiometer such as the Spectral Evolution PSR+
or the
RS-3500, a researcher can determine cellulose content in
plants or biomass for critical information on plant health or biomass
characteristics. An NIR field spectroradiometer like the PSR+ or RS-
3500 can measure cellulose fast, with no sample prep, non-
destructively in the field.

Determination of cellulose content is traditionally done with time-
consuming and costly wet chemistry. With a PSR+ or RS-3500, the
process begins with scans of the plant or biomass material. NIR
analysis for cellulose relies on absorption  features created by
chemical bonds that include C-O, O-H, C-H, and N-H . Common
absorption peaks indicating cellulose in a PSR+ or RS-3500 spectra
from 350-2500nm can include the following:

  • A broad absorption peak at around  1216nm from C-H stretching
  • Several possible features around 1490nm—O-H stretching
  • Features between 1620 and 1780 nm attributable to O-H
  • Feature around 1920-1930nm from O-H an C-O groups
  • Feature at 2100-2110nm is from O-H and C-H stretching
  • Feature at 2270-2272nm  is from O-H and C-O
  • Feature at 2336 belongs to C-H stretching
PSR+  and RS-3500 work with our unique leaf clip for vegetation research in the field.
Our RS-3500 is designed for field use with a wide range of fiber optic
accessories including the leaf clip, contact probe, FOV lenses,
benchtop probe, and pistol grip.