Spectral Evolution geological spectrometers are designed for field
use, including exploration for gold. With our
oreXpress spectrometer
or our
SR-6500 High resolution spectroradiometer, and EZ-ID mineral
identification software, exploration geologists have the field and
core shack toolset necessary for an excellent Return-On-Investment
while improving the effectiveness of drilling.

The oreXpress geological spectrometer can be used in field mapping
and exploration of many gold deposit types, including:
  • Paleoplacer deposits
  • Massive sulphide deposits
  • Hot spring deposits
  • Adularia/sericite epithermal deposits (low sulfidation)
  • Alunite/kaolinite epithermal deposits (high sulfidation)
  • Breccia pipe deposits
  • Porphyry gold deposits
  • Skarns
  • Orogenic deposits
  • Carbonate placement deposits
  • Greenstone belts

With our field spectrometers, geologists can scan and identify
common alteration minerals, for example:
  • Low sulfidation deposits - illite, kaolinite, chlorites,
    illite/smectite, buddingtonite, epidote, montmorillonite,
    zeolites, quartz, calcite, hematite
  • High sulfidation - alunite, opal, dickite, pyrophyllite, diaspore,
    zunyite, topaz, illite, kaolinite, chlorites, illite/smectite, epidote,
    quartz, montmorillonite, geothite, jarosite, hematite
  • Orogenic gold - muscovite, paragonite muscobite, roscoelite,
    illite, kaolinite, quartz, siderite, ankerite, calcite, dolomite,
    chlorites, carbonates

Every oreXpress includes our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software
and is available with
EZ-ID and the Custom Library Builder Module. EZ-
ID allows you to compare your target sample with a known library of
mineral spectra. EZ-ID comes with the USGS spectral library and is
available with the SpecMIN mineral library and the GeoSPEC high
resolution library  which includes scans of Colorado School of Mines
Museum samples taken with the high resolution SR-6500

EZ-ID features:
  • Fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a
    known spectral library sample
  • Ease-of-use: take your scan using an oreXpress or oreXpress
    Platinum and see results in real-time
  • Simple, consistent user interface
  • USGS and SpecMIN libraries
  • Weighted score for best matches
  • Include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal
SPECTRAL EVOLUTION'S EZ-ID software has identified our target sample as
kaolinite using the USGS spectral library for reference. The shaded areas shown in
the scan allow  a geologist to concentrate on regions in the spectra of particular
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