Kimberlite exploration with an oreXpress and EZ-ID

Kimberlites are a variety of ultramafic volcanic and sub-volcanic rock and are the main source of diamonds worldwide. They occur as clusters of pipes probably along major crustal fracture zones. Common alteration minerals that can be detected by spectroscopy include biotite/phlogopite, Fe-amphibole, Fe, Mg chlorite, serpentine, calcite, saponite and nontronite.

The primary indicator minerals for kimberlites are garnet, chromite, ilmenite, Cr-diopside and olivine. Using an oreXpress field spectrometer with EZ-ID and three spectral libraries, a geologist can quickly identify an indicator mineral that may not be readily identifiable by sight, by matching an unknown sample against a known spectral library. With EZ-ID the geologist can select specific spectral regions to fine-tune the matching and unmixing process for a more precise ID. If the geologist wants to look at a particular absorption feature, the geologist can highlight that or other features and EZ-ID provides new matches.

The oreXpress geological spectrometer with EZ-ID delivers:

  • Full range NIR field spectrometer – 350-2500nm
  • High resolution/high sensitivity scanning in a lightweight field package
  • Rugged reliable design with all photodiode arrays – no moving optical parts
  • Contact probe and two lithium-ion batteries for a full day of fast scanning in the field

EZ-ID features:

  • Fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a known spectral library sample
  • Simple, consistent user interface
  • USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC libraries available
  • Weighted score for best matches
  • Include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal results
  • User-configurable batch processing and output to an Excel spreadsheet
  • All data saved as ASCII files for immediate use with 3rd party software
Identifying diopside with EZ-ID mineral identification software

An EZ-ID library sample of diopside, an indicator mineral for kimberlites.

Identifying olivine with EZ-ID mineral identification software

An EZ-ID library sample of olivine, an indicator mineral for kimberlites.