Remote Sensing

Analyzing Microbial Diversity
Atmospheric Measurements with a Field Spectroradiometer on a UAV
Broadband and Narrowband Greenness Vegetation Indices
Burn Scar Identification with a Field Spectroradiometer
Calibrating hyperspectral data
Carbon Sequestration
Cellulose in Vegetation and Biomass
Clay Identification and Analysis in Soil
Clay Mineralogy
Discovering Oil and Gas Spills and Leaks
Dolomite Identification
Evaluating Greenhouse Lights with PAR
Field Spectroradiometers for NASA's ABoVE Campaign
Forage Analysis
Forest Canopy Research
Forest Canopy Water Content
Identifying Algal Blooms
Identifying Heavy Metals in Soil with a Field Spectroradiometer
Identifying Heavy Metals in Vegetation with an NIR Spectroradiometer
Identifying Invasive Plant Species
Identifying Invasive Species - The Hemlock Woolly Adelgid
Identifying methane in soil
Identifying Plant Disease
Identifying Sulfur in Soil with a Field Spectroradiometer
Leaf Water Stress
Lignin Estimation
Marine Ecosystem Research
Measuring Albedo with a Field Spectroradiometer
Measuring Biomass with a Field Spectroradiometer
Measuring Chlorophyll Fluorescence
Measuring Efficient Use of Light in Vegetation
Measuring Global, Direct and Diffuse Solar Irradiance with a Spectroradiometer
Measuring Nitrogen Content in Plants
Measuring Nitrogen in Soil
Measuring Phosphorus in Soil
Measuring Phosphorus In Vegetation
Measuring Potassium in Soil
Measuring Potassium in Vegetation
Measuring Soil Organic Matter
Measuring Soil Salinity
Measuring Total Organic Carbon (TOC) in Soil
Measuring Vegetation Health with the Red Edge
Measuring Water Content in Vegetation
Microplastics Detection
Moisture in Soil
Monitoring Drought Stress Impact on Vegetation
NIR Reflectance Measurements of Small Leaves and Pine Needles
No-till Farming
Plant Species Identification
PSR+ Mounted on a UAV
RS-8800 Mounted on a Drone
RT Sphere and Leaf Stress
Seed Mutation
Snow & Ice Measurements
Soil Analysis
Soil Analysis for Precision Agriculture
Soil Mapping
Spectral Remote Sensing
Using Vegetation Indices
Validating AVIRIS-NG
Validating Satellite Imagery and Data
Validating WorldView-3 Data with a Field Spectroradiometer
Vegetation Analysis
Vicarious Calibration with a Field Spectroradiometer
Wheat Analysis