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Join MDRU for a 2-day course to learn all about VNIR-SWIR spectroscopy. This course has something for everyone with topics ranging from the basics of mineral interpretation to data collection systems and practical considerations. The course is presented by six leading global experts on the use of spectral technology for geoscience applications.

Lori Shelton Pieniazek will be discussing: Hand-held analysis with Spectral Evolution’s oreXpert™ NIR field spectrometer on December 7th from 1:30pm-2:15pm in Vancouver, Canada.


The presentations include fundamentals and basics, focused largely on what mineralogical information can be derived from spectral data and how to use it to answer geologic questions including:

• Light and reflectance spectroscopy basics
• The infrared region for mineral interpretation
• Mineralogy and mineral compositions from spectra
• Instruments and measurement systems
• SWIR-active porphyry alteration mineralogy
• Practical uses of spectral data in exploration (and beyond)
• Considerations: when it works, when it doesn’t
• Applications in exploration and geometallurgy
• QA/QC methods and best practice

The program also includes presentations and scheduled discussions with industry-leading experts on a range of different spectral systems, including case studies and practical applications.

Participants will be guided through exercises using real spectral data to demonstrate how to interrogate spectral data and apply it to real-world questions. We will complete the exercises in ioGAS software. Participants who wish to follow along on their own computer need to install this program ahead of time. We will be projecting the exercises on-screen, so participants without access to a laptop or ioGAS can still follow along.

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