Gather Repeatable Data Without Harming Your Sample

Fieldwork requires robust and comfortable equipment. At Spectral Evolution, we have designed accessories to facilitate researchers’ needs in acquiring rapid and reliable field data.

Measuring leaf reflectance is a vital part of ecologists’ fieldwork campaigns. Collecting this data using NIR spectroscopy requires a high-intensity light source to observe leaf physiological characteristics. To create a detailed spectral profile, it is sometimes necessary to take several scans at the same spot on a leaf over time. The problem arises when attempting to measure specific characteristics such as water content, for example. Adding heat to your sample for a prolonged time can drastically change your results.

Spectral Evolution has diminished this problem with our unique leaf clip design. It provides a streamlined and effective approach for scanning vegetation while protecting the sample from unnecessary damage. We understand that there is no substitute for intense lighting in reflection measurement. So, we took the 5-Watt Tungsten Halogen bulb and moved it away from the sample area, giving the heat time to disperse before reaching your fragile specimen.

Along with this innovative approach to lighting, Spectral Evolution’s leaf clip also features:

  • Ergonomic design includes comfortable side grips and an external trigger button for rapid scanning.
  • The sample holder swivels from the white reference to a black background to easily take reference and target scans.
  • Quick connection to the spectrometer fiber optic via SMA connection.
  • Compatible with all Spectral Evolution spectrometers.