Atmospheric Measurements with a Field Spectroradiometer on a UAV

UAVs can provide more accurate information on aerosol distribution throughout the atmospheric column. This is needed to better understand the composition of specific atmospheric layers for a greater understanding of the environment and climate change.

The atmosphere is affected by emissions both natural (deserts, vegetation, forest fires, volcanoes, etc.) and man-made (power plants, factories, domestic heating, transportation). Measuring different levels in the atmosphere can be accomplished with a field spectroradiometer, such as the SPECTRAL EVOLUTION PSR+ or RS-8800 on a UAV. The PSR+ features:

  • Fast, full-spectrum UV/VIS/NIR measurements (350-2500nm) with just one scan
  • High (FWHM) resolution in a field portable:
    • ≤2.8nm @ 700nm
    • ≤8.0nm @ 1500nm
    • ≤6.0nm @ 2100nm
  • One touch operation with auto-shutter, auto-exposure, and auto-dark correction before each new scan—no manual optimization needed
  • No moving optical parts and improved optical path for reliable, superior operation
  • Lightweight—7.6 lbs. (3.5 kg)

The RS-8800 field spectroradiometer is a full range (350-2500nm) high resolution/high sensitivity system including an Internet of Things (IoT) operating system that allows you to operate the system by iPhone, Android device, or tablet. In combination with our new Sensaprobe™ grip, researchers can access and store more important field data in addition to their scans, including:

  • A picture of the exact sample Field of View that you want to scan
  • The angle of the scan
  • The sun height angle
  • The GPS location

PSR+ mounted on a UAV

RS-8800 mounted on a UAV