Field Spectroradiometer collects scans from a UAV

Beijing Azup International, a Spectral Evolution distributor in China, mounted a Spectral Evolution RS-8800 field spectroradiometer on a drone for automated field scans.

The system included:

  • A six rotor custom UAV
  • RS-8800 field spectroradiometer with gimbal stabilized fiber holder featuring tilt-angle sensor, auto-range finder and camera to automatically photograph and record field of view of scanned image.
  • Full automatic aerial survey

The RS-8800 field spectroradiometer is a full range (350-2500nm) high resolution/high sensitivity system including an Internet of Things (IoT) operating system that allows you to operate the system by iPhone, Android device, or tablet. In combination with our new Sensa/Tilt™ gimbal stabilized fiber holder, researchers can access and store more important field data in addition to their scans, including:

  • A picture of the exact sample Field of View that you want to scan
  • The angle of the scan
  • The sun height angle
  • The GPS location

The RS-8800 uses its IoT operating system to control the pistol grip functionality so that any user can get consistent scans. The IoT uses a WiFi network accessed by an Android device, iPhone or tablet for controlling the system and downloading real-time data stored on the instrument.

Two sets of data collected from the RS-8800 on the UAV.