Validating WorldView-3 Data with a Field Spectroradiometer

WorldView-3 is the first commercial satellite to offer  eight band VNIR imagery and eight band SWIR imagery. The addition of SWIR bands can provide significant data on soil conditions and vegetation health for research and precision agriculture. Validating WorldView-3 data is essential for creating a true understanding of the remote sensing data acquired. WorldView-3 offers 8 multispectral bands from 400-1040nm and 8 SWIR bands from 1195-2365nm.

Validation can be undertaken with an NIR field spectroradiometer such as the SR-6500, SR-8800, NaturaSpec™, PSR+ and RS-3500 from Spectral Evolution. These instruments cover a full range from 350-2500 nanometers, delivering high resolution and sensitivity in lightweight, rugged configurations. Specifications include:

These instruments include our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software for controlling the instrument. DARWin automatically saves all your data and spectra as ASCII files for use with other analysis software including chemometrics software. For mineral identification, our optional EZ-ID software offers matching to three mineral spectral libraries with over 1000 minerals and 2600 spectra as well as the ability to build your own library with our Custom Library Builder software module.