Snow and Ice Measurements

Snow and Ice Measurements with a PSR+

Measurement of snow and ice using a Spectral Evolution field spectroradiometer, like the PSR+ can provide important information for environmental, hydrological and climatic research. The PSR+ is a full range field spectroradiometer with unmatched resolution and sensitivity. With a PSR+, researchers can:

  • Accurately measure albedo
  • Estimate snow properties
  • Identify different types of snow
  • Measure contaminants in snow and ice and their effect
  • Improve snow cover mapping
  • Estimate timing and magnitude of spring snow melt
  • Provide glacier characteristics and map change
  • Differentiate between snow and ice surface

The PSR+ take fast, accurate, high resolution scans in the field. Rugged and reliable with no moving optical parts, it is ideal for snow and ice projects. The PSR+ features auto-shutter, auto-exposure and auto-dark correction for easy one-touch operation.

The sample scans on the right were taken with a PSR+ with a 4 degree lens. A reference scan was taken using a reference panel mounted on a tripod in the field.

In addition to the PSR+ Spectral Evolution offers several other field spectroradiometers for snow and ice research including the SR-6500, RS-8800, NaturaSpec™, and the RS-3500 available in a remote sensing bundle.

DARWin SP Data Acquisition software is included with all Spectral Evolution spectrometers and spectroradiometers. The multi-plot measurement above in DARWin shows a scan of snow and one of ice taken in the Colorado Rockies after an early spring snowfall under a completely cloudless blue sky. The green plot is snow; the blue is ice.