Garnet Exploration

Identifying types of garnet in the field can be performed using an oreXpress spectrometer with EZ-ID and the USGS and optional SPECMin and GeoSPEC libraries. These three libraries contain known samples of garnet minerals including:

  • almandine – four spectra
  • uvarovite – three spectra
  • pyrope – two spectra
  • andradite – six spectra
  • spessartine – four spectra

By matching the spectra of an unknown field sample against the samples in the libraries, EZ-ID can provide a fast and easy initial identification to create an accurate mineral map and help a geologist decide on the most promising drilling locations. The oreXpress and EZ-ID can also be used to identify mineral alteration in core and chip samples after drilling.

The oreXpress geological spectrometer with EZ-ID delivers:

  • Full range NIR field spectrometer – 350-2500nm
  • High resolution/high sensitivity scanning in a lightweight field package
  • Rugged reliable design with all photodiode arrays – no moving optical parts
  • EZ-ID mineral identification software matching your target samples against three libraries of more 1600 minerals
  • Contact probe and two lithium-ion batteries for a full day of fast scanning in the field

EZ-ID features:

  • Fast and accurate identification of an unknown mineral to a known spectral library sample
  • Simple, consistent user interface
  • USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC libraries available
  • Weighted score for best matches
  • Include or exclude spectral regions of interest for optimal results
  • User-configurable batch processing and output to an Excel spreadsheet

Amandine and pyrope absorption features: 500, 600, 700, and 1300nm

Uvarovite features: 400, 500, and 2300-2400nm

Andradite and grossular: 440 and 2200-2400nm

Spessartine: 500 and 1300nm

Almandine sample from library