Classify Pulsed Solar Simulators

Solar module and panel manufacturers must ensure that their products meet promised power and performance levels. To ensure this, they use solar simulators to reproduce outdoor Solar simulators come in two flavors: continuous or pulsed. Pulsed simulators (long and short) are less expensive and easier to use and are growing in popularity. All solar simulators are classified as Class A, Class B, or Class C depending on the standards they meet for spectral match to sunlight, uniformity of the light source, and stability of the light source over time.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION provides the SR-1901PT portable spectroradiometer for testing and classifying long and short pulse solar simulators for spectral match to AM0 and AM1.5 and for uniformity and stability measurements.

The SR-1901PT captures the spectrum from 280-1900nm in a single flash with a 1 msec integration time. This allows for spectral matching for short and long pulse simulators in a fraction of the time it would typically take – seconds instead of hours.

The SR-1901PT includes our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software with spectral matching report capabilities to quickly verify if your simulator meets the appropriate ratings for each wavelength band.

In addition, it includes NIST-traceable irradiance calibration, 1.2 meter dual fiber optic with a custom diffuser and built-in phototrigger, 100-240 volt/50-60Hz power supply, and a dust-proof and waterproof foam-line Pelican case for shipping. The SR-1901PT is portable so you can use it wherever you need to test your solar simulator.

Solar simulators can provide an accepted method for measuring and testing the power ratings of photovoltaic modules and solar panels at the manufacturer’s facility. Uncertainties in the validity of these measurements can significantly impact a manufacturer’s revenue. DARWin SP Data Acquisition software provided as a function of wavelength and generates a spectral match report to provide confidence in the output of the pulsed solar simulator in use.

The SR-1901PT is designed for validating the output of pulsed solar simulators. The system is especially well-suited for testing the power ratings of photovoltaic modules and solar panels. All systems come with the subroutines necessary to generate high quality solar spectra and spectral matching reports.