Measuring Moisture in Soil

A portable field spectroradiometer like the PSR+, SR-6500, RS-8800, NaturaSpec™, and RS-3500 can be an important instrument for characterizing many soil properties in a single scan including soil moisture. Accurate measurement of moisture content in soil can provide critical information on soil successful water management through irrigation in agricultural applications.

Proximal soil analysis using a SPECTRAL EVOLUTION agricultural spectroradiometer can provide information on the health of the soil and the associated vegetation. Our spectroradiometers allow for rapid field measurement of moisture in soil by collecting spectral information related to the main water features at 1450-1460nm and 1920-1930nm. In addition to providing a measurement of water content, they also deliver information that can be used to derive leaf and canopy water content. They can be used for ground truthing data from satellites or flyovers to ensure that it is accurate and complete.

The PSR+, SR-6500, RS-8800, RS-5400 and RS-3500 are full range (350-2500nm) NIR field portable spectroradiometers with high resolution and high sensitivity for clear and accurate spectra. Using them, spectra are collected quickly, accurately and without sample preparation.

All data is saved as ASCII files for use with 3rd party analysis software like R or ENVI. All Spectral Evolution spectroradiometers include DARWin SP Data Acquisition software with 19 vegetation indices, including the Normalized Difference Water index (NWDI) and Water Band Index (WBI). The indices are accessed from pull down menus in DARWin.

Optional EZ-ID sample identification software includes access to mineral identification libraries – very useful for identifying clays, as well as a library builder module that allows for the creation of application specific libraries of known spectra that can then be used to identify new samples.