Soil Mapping

Most soil mapping projects start with hyperspectral images from satellites or flyovers. For a complete and accurate understanding, field spectroradiometers are needed to ground truth the hyperspectral images and to take soil measurements in areas, like those covered with vegetation, where hyperspectral just doesn’t work. The PSR+, NaturaSpec™, and the RS-3500 spectroradiometers are well-suited for soil mapping applications especially in areas that are not bereft of vegetation and dry. Our spectroradiometers can collect and analyze the following soil parameters:

  • Soil moisture which can affect crop health, erosion, irrigation, etc.
  • Soil texture – sand and clay can have a huge effect on soil health that affect composition, fertility, drainage and more
  • Minerals – identify minerals in the soil that affect composition
  • Organic matter in soil including biomass
  • Soil salinity- can indicate irrigation and fertilization problems
  • Degradation and contamination – whether from natural or man- made causes, including petrochemical/hydrocarbon seepage

The PSR+, NaturaSpec™, and RS-3500 are agricultural spectroradiometers ideal for soil mapping projects. Lightweight, with high resolution and sensitivity they are easy for one person to use in the field and come with a range of accessories. In standalone mode, the PSR+ can store up to 1000 scans. These systems when used with our rugged handheld tablet that have unlimited scan storage plus a digital camera and GPS.

When used with the EZ-ID sample identification system and Custom Library Builder module, researchers can scan known samples and build a site or project specific soil library to match against target scans.

Soil applications include:

  • Topsoil fertility estimation
  • Erosion risk
  • Hydraulic properties
  • Soil degradation
  • Total and inorganic carbon
  • Total and mineralized nitrogen
  • Cation exchange capacity (CEC) as an indication of soil fertility
  • Moisture content
  • Indirect measurement of soil pH

Used with EZ-ID sample identification software and the Custom Library Builder module, you can collect known scans and create a library for comparison. The ability to create site-specific library allows you to more accurately ,measure your project area.

The PSR+ 3500 is a field portable spectroradiometer for remote sensing applications including soil mapping. Researchers use the PSR+ to ground truth hyperspectral soil images taken from satellites or to collect scans of soil characteristics in situ for a more accurate soil map.