Plant Species Identification with a PSR+ field spectroradiometer

NIR spectroscopy is well-suited for fast and non-destructive species identification in situ. In many cases, field scans can provide the detailed information not available from hyperspectral satellite or flyover images.

By mapping an area using a full range spectroradiometer, like the PSR+, a researcher can measure and discriminate between species. Measuring reflectance, water absorption features at 970, 1200, 1450, and 1950 nanometers can show different leaf/plant water content and help identify the species. Using transmittance, separation of species can be indicated at 1400 nanometers.

The PSR Series of spectroradiometers provides a full range (350-2500nm) NIR instrument with the very high resolution and exceptional signal-to-noise capabilities. Designed for fieldwork, the PSR Series of agricultural spectroradiometers is lightweight, reliable, stable, and rugged. It is easily used by one person and can be configured with a rugged tablet that collects scans and tags them with GPS data, digital images, and voice notes. Our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software (running on our rugged tablet and the spectroradiometer) saves all the data as ASCII files.

When used with the optional EZ-ID and Custom Library Builder software, researchers can build their own library of known species quickly and easily and then match new scans to the known samples for identification. EZ-ID runs on a tablet or laptop for field use.

Fast and non-destructive species identification in the field with the PSR+ spectroradiometer.

A pull down menu within our DARWin Sp Data Acquisition software provides immediate access to 19 vegetation indices.