RT Sphere Leaf Stress

Spectral Evolution’s reflectance/transmittance (RT) sphere can be used to measure the reflectance, transmittance and absorption of leaf samples so that researchers can have a better understanding of leaf characteristics, red edge shift and plant stress.

Connected to our PSR+ high resolution/high sensitivity full range spectroradiometer, the RT sphere can measure an increase in reflectance and transmittance and decrease in absorption in the 695 – 725nm range. This provides an indication of how well a plant is responding to stress from lack of water, surplus of water, over fertilization, disease, insect infestation or many other stress related conditions.

The RT sphere can be used with both leaf and needle samples for specular included or excluded reflectance measurement, measurement of forward and back scattering, and transmittance measurement. The sphere is portable and can be used with an included stand or any common tripods.

The RT sphere can be connected to any of our portable spectroradiometers, including the PSR+ field spectroradiometer with a range of 250-2500nm. Detailed information about vegetation spectral features such as comparison of chlorophyll concentration in leaves with red edge characteristics can be collected.

Hydrangea leaf reflectance measurement

Hydrangea leaf transmittance spectra

Our RT Sphere works with our high resolution, portable NIR spectroradiometers to measure reflectance, transmittance, and absorption. It is lightweight and portable for use anywhere.