Capturing reflectance data of small vegetation samples such as pine needles, blades of grass, and tiny leaves can be challenging. The very small field of view needed for the measurement, as well as the required high sensitivity of the spectrometer can be obstacles to obtaining quality data.

As a trade-off, researchers have taken the habit of measuring the combined spectrum of many small samples bunched together However, the resulting spectrum represents an average of the spectral features of all samples, not necessarily the individual trait of each sample.

Capturing the individual spectrum of a single small sample is now possible with Spectral Evolution’s innovative small sample adapter. The adapter, combined with Spectral Evolution’s unique Leaf-clip Reflectance Probe, and the high-sensitivity of the NaturaSpec™ UV-Vis-NIR spectroradiometer allows researchers to measure precise reflectance data over the spectral range of 350nm to 2500nm.