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  • The oreXpert™ NIR field spectrometer is specifically designed to provide the highest resolution available for the harsh requirements of field use. Its high resolution allows the distinction of features that help with unmixing and identification of trace minerals. It features ultra high resolution and very stable performance with three high-density thermoelectrically cooled photodiode arrays.
  • The oreXplorer™ is designed for fieldwork with a rugged chassis, no moving optical parts, and rugged metal-clad fiber optic cable that’s field replaceable. It features one-touch operation with auto-dark current and auto-exposure. Communications include wireless Bluetooth and USB connection. The oreXplorer provides high resolution and high sensitivity for mineral exploration, mineral identification and mineral mapping applications for in situ field measurements.
  • The oreXpress™ spectrometer delivers the benefits of a full-range NIR spectrometer to geologists in the field. The oreXpress makes mineral identification fast and efficient. In addition to in situ measurement and identification in the field, these geological spectrometers are ideal for core shack logging. In fact, in one application, core logging analysis was cut from six hours to just two hours with an oreXpress spectrometer.
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