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Benchtop Reflectance Probe

Spectral Evolution’s Benchtop Probe provides a very stable platform for qualitative and quantitative analysis, repeatable scanning and data collection, and better performance by minimizing errors from stray light. Our Benchtop Probe is the ideal choice for hands-free reflectance measurements. It features an extremely durable window and a built-in 5-Watt tungsten halogen source. Connection is easy with the external SMA-905 port.


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Features • Ideal for reflectance measurements of soil & powders | Easy set-up with external SMA-905 port
• Built-in 5 watt tungsten halogen source
• Plugs into all Spectral Evolution spectroradiometers and spectrometers
• Extremely durable quartz window holder for powder samples
Applications • Mineral identification and analysis
• Soil sample analysis
• Vegetation analysis
• Analysis and identification of powders and other raw materials
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