Built into our DARWin SP user interface, EZ-ID provides real time mineral identification for field or lab use. Scan your target data and immediately match it against a known library, such as the USGS library which is included with EZ-ID. Or choose the optional SpecMIN library or the new GeoSPEC High Resolution Library comprised of scans of samples from the Colorado School of Mines Museum collection, or create your own custom built library. EZ-ID provides a Library Builder software module so you can quickly and easily create and add to a custom library.

EZ-ID makes target mineral identification easier and more accurate with oreXpress, oreXplorer and oreXpert field spectrometers by providing access to three libraries:

  • USGS library which includes the JPL library – 466 spectra for 266 minerals
  • Optional SpecMIN library – 2310 spectra for over 794 minerals
  • Optional GeoSPEC High Resolution Library – 2310 spectra for over 794 minerals

By ordering all three you have access to over 2300 spectra for over 700 minerals.

EZ-ID includes scalars to better understand geochemical conditions at alteration.