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ILM 550-Tungsten Halogen Light Source

The Spectral Evolution ILM-550 Tungsten-Halogen Light Source offers the versatility and intensity needed to ensure the best data. This mighty lamp is the highest intensity standoff light source we offer. It incorporates user-friendly features such as an insulated, heat-resistant handle for easy positioning, and a secure base that easily mounts to a workbench or tripod.

The ILM-550 includes 50-watt bulbs for two different lighting modes. When used in conjunction with the screw-on diffuser window, the capsule bulb is ideal for a diffused field of view with minimal hot spots. The high-energy spot bulb with a built-in reflector provides brilliant lighting on one specific 22° spot. These options allow users to optimize the intensity and uniformity of illumination for specific samples.


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Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 14 × 14 × 8 in
Features • 50 watt tungsten halogen light source (75 watt & 100 watt options)
• Aluminum reflector for bright, uniform illumination
• Usable with a wide variety of bulbs for different spot sizes
• Insulated handle, swivel mount base for easy positioning
• 3000K color temperature
• MR16 bulb connection
• User-selectable spot and diffuser modes
• Includes 3” diffuser in a removable screw-mount
• Secure mounting base for optical table or tripod
• Perfect for gathering high quality scans from dark samples


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