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ILM 660-Tungsten Halogen Light Source

The Spectral Evolution ILM-660 is a unique blend between a light source and a probe making it an ideal lab accessory. At 40 watts, this high-intensity light source is perfect for gathering data from very dark samples that benefit from the use of the brightest light. The ILM-660 comes with a removable sapphire window so you can put your sample directly onto the light source. It also comes with a glass petri dish so you can easily and accurately measure loose samples like powder or soil. A quick-release fiber mount allows you to take full advantage of the two 20-watt tungsten-halogen bulbs housed within.


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Features • 50 watt tungsten halogen light source (75 watt & 100 watt options)
• Aluminum reflector for bright, uniform illumination
• Usable with a wide variety of bulbs for different spot sizes
• Insulated handle, swivel mount base for easy positioning


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