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Reflectance Contact MiniProbe

The Mini Probe offers greater precision with its 3mm spot size for when you need to focus on smaller areas of interest in your sample.

Our rugged contact probes are designed ergonomically for maximum comfort on those long field campaigns. They feature a quick-release connector to your spectrometer’s fiber optic cable, so you can swap accessories right in the field. These probes are a must-have accessory for reliable data acquisition in the most demanding environments.


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Weight 13.1 oz
Dimensions 8 × 6 × 6 in
Features Mini – 3mm spot size
• Easy-to-use, ideal for reflectance studies: 350-2500nm range
• Ergonomic design: external triggering, quick release rugged metal-clad fiber optic cable
• Built-in light source – 5 watt tungsten halogen bulb – user replaceable
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