SM-3500 Full Range Photodiode Array InGaAs / Silicon Spectrometers for Field or Lab

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’S SM-3500 full range photodiode array spectrometers feature superior signal-to-noise ratio and spectral resolution. For best sensitivity in the NIR ranges, only SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers can be used with fiber mount FOV lenses that couple directly to the optical path.  This is due to their superior diffraction-based optical platform with multiple photodiode arrays (two InGaAs arrays for NIR in the SM-3500). Multiple detectors are all measuring the same target sample due to their beam splitter optical path. This ensures better data integrity in transition areas as the spectrum shifts between detectors.   Unlike competitive systems, SM-3500 spectrometers have no internal fiber optics or movable gratings that can break, drift or fail during mission critical experiments. All SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers come with a full 12 month warranty against defects and breakage in use.

The SPECTRAL EVOLUTION SM-3500 spectrometer features wireless bluetooth interface for remote sensing applications.


  • Our best laboratory full range spectrometer
  • 350-2500nm spectral range
  • Includes one 512 element Si array and two 256 element extended-range InGaAs arrays for maximum resolution & sensitivity
  • Superb field reliability with no moving optical parts
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Removable fiber optic cable – field swappable
  • Optional lightweight lithium-ion batteries
  • Wide range of FOV fiber mount lenses
  • Bluetooth
  • Optional handheld GETAC PS-336 microcomputer with digital camera, altimeter, GPS, voice notes, and sunlight readable display

DARWin SP Data Acquisition  software – saves files as ASCII for use with other software – pull-down menus for 19 vegetation indices

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