Affordable, Accurate InGaAs NIR Spectrometers for a Wide Range of Lab Applications

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’s LF-Series are affordable, lab-optimized InGaAs spectrometers that use an all photodiode array optical system directly mated to fiber optic to deliver maximum throughput. The LF-Series is used in lab and process settings for applications that include:

  • Spectroscopy
  • Water/moisture analysis
  • Process monitoring
  • Petrochemical analysis
  • Environmental studies
  • Refining
  • Food and grain analysis
  • Polymer characterization and analysis

The LF-Series delivers the following benefits:

  • Reliable operation, all photodiode array construction – no moving parts
  • Autoexposure, autoscaling, and auto dark shutter for fast, accurate, one-touch scans
  • Stable, thermo-electrically (TE) cooled InGaAs array
  • Solid, anodized aluminum chassis efficiently dissipates heat for silent, fan-free operation
  • USB and wireless Bluetooth interface
  • A wide choice of entrance optics, including fiber, lens, integrating sphere, or right angle diffuser
  • Standard bench package with SMA-905 input
  • DARWin SP Data Acquisition software


  • 900-1700nm spectral range
  • Includes one 512 element InGaAs array

Q:What options are available with the LF-Series?

A: SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’ s LF-Series can be ordered with 512-element arrays and optional slit dimensions for custom-tuned spectral rangew/resolution capabilities to meet your specific laboratory requirements and applications. To see our accessories, click here.

The LF -Series offers:

  • Multiple detector options
  • Affordable lab NIR capabilities
  • One touch measurement
  • Stable TE-cooled InGaAs arrays

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