Pulsed Solar Simulators

In solar cell, module, and panel manufacturing there is a need to classify pulsed solar simulators for testing and verifying panel performance. The SR-1901PT spectroradiometer is ideal for quantification of pulsed solar simulators as part of a manufacturer's quality control process.

Pulsed solar simulators are used to test large solar panels at a fraction of the cost of continuous solar simulators. Before a solar simulator can be used, it must be monitored and classified to prove that it can provide consistent information on panel or even cell performance.

The SR-1901PT is ideal for classifying pulsed solar simulators. Compact and portable, it is easy to take to any measurement challenge and can be quickly set up and used. It operates with a convenient integral phototrigger. Running our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software, the SR-1901PT includes spectral match reports for AM1.5. All scans are saved as ASCII files for easy use with most 3rd party software programs for additional data analysis.

Other features include:

  • One 512 element UV-enhanced silicon photodiode array detector and one 256 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs photodiode array detector
  • Adjustable integration and scan averaging time
  • Bluetooth I/O connection
  • Internal phototrigger with SMA-905 port
  • 0-100 millisecond trigger delay increment
  • External TTL triggering input port ≤5 µsec trigger jitter
  • Photodetector jitter: ≤100 nsec
  • Spectral match for AM0 and AM1.5
  • DARWin SP Data Acquisition software
  • 1.0ms minimum integration time
Spectral match

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