SR-2501PT Spectroradiometer for Quantification of Pulsed Solar Simulators

The SR-2501PT is a full range spectroradiometer designed to test and measure pulsed solar simulators. The spectral range is from 280-2500nm with spectral resolution at 4nm for 280-1000nm and 22nm for 1000-2500nm. Running our DARWin SP Data Acquisition software, it meets AM0, AM1.5 and AM1.5 Global Tilt (GT) spectral match capability.

The Sr-2501PT has the following features::

  • Detectors: One 512 element UV-enhanced silicon photodiode array and one 256 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs photodiode array
  • 1-50 msec integration time (software selectable)
  • Bluetooth I/O connection
  • External TTL port and phototrigger with SMA-905 port
  • 0-100 millisecond trigger delay increment
  • External TTL≤5µsec trigger jitter
  • Photodetector jitter - ≤100nsec
  • Spectral match for AM0, AM1.5 and AM1.5 Global Tilt
  • DARWin SP Data Acquisition software includes added features such as spectral match reports, auto-integration and auto-ranging, and automatically saves data as ASCII files for use with 3rd party software

The unit includes NIST traceable irradiance calibration and can be equipped with a right angle diffuser with 2 meter fiber optic and triggering photocell with single core fiber optic. The DARWin software can be used to test for spectral match, uniformity, and stability over time. DARWin produces a spectral match report showing system classification, a spectral uniformity report including an integration utility that allows the user to integrate total energy detected over a user-defined wavelength range, and a spectral stability report.

Spectral match