SR-3501 Portable Spectroradiometer with Expanded Spectral Range

The SR-3501 is a portable spectroradiometer that provides an expanded spectral range from 280-2500nm. Features include:

  • Spectral resolution
    • 4nm @ 280-1000nm
    • 9nm @ 1500nm
    • 7nm @ 2100nm
  • Data output is 1nm increments with 2221 channels reported
  • Factory calibrated for radiance/irradiance using NIST traceable source (depending on optics selected)
  • Compact design, portable instrument

The SR-3501 is well-suited for radiance/irradiance measurements as well as test and measurement of solar simulators. The SR-3501 and SR-1901 are used for continuous solar simulators:

  • SR-3501: 280-2500nm - one silicon photodiode array
    detector and two InGaAs photodiode array detectors
  • SR-1901: 280-1900nm - one silicon photodiode array
    detector and one InGaAs photodiode array detector
  • Spectral match to AM0, AM1.5, and AM1.5 global tilt

Equipped with a fiber optic cable and right angle diffuser, these spectroradiometers can measure continuous output over user-defined time periods to ensure long-term stability.

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SR-3501 portable spectroradiometer