oreXplorer field spectrometer for mining

High resolution/high sensitivity NIR spectrometer for mineral identification

The oreXplorer provides high resolution and high sensitivity for mineral exploration, mineral identification and mineral mapping applications for in situ field measurements. It includes an enhanced 1024 element silicon array and improved spectral resolution:

  • Spectral resolution
    2.7nm @ 700nm
    5.5nm @ 1500nm
    5.8nm @ 2100nm

The oreXplorer has the following specifications:

  • Spectral range 350-2500nm
  • Photodiode Arrays:
    1024 element UV-Enhanced silicon detector (VIS-NIR)
    512 element TE-cooled InGaAs detector (SWIR 1)
    512 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs detector (SWIR 2)
  • Minimum scan speed: 100milliseconds
  • Noise Equivalence Radiance (with 1.5 meter fiber optic)
    0.5×10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 400nm
    0.3×10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 1500nm
    2.5×10-9 W/cm2/nm/sr @ 2100nm

The oreXplorer is designed for field work with a rugged chassis, no moving optical parts, and rugged metal clad fiber optic cable that’s field replaceable. It features one touch operation with auto-dark current and auto-exposure. Communications include wireless Bluetooth and USB connection. It includes DARWin SP Data Acquisition software that is Windows 7/8/10 compatible and saves all files as ASCII.

The oreXplorer provides high resolution/high sensitivity in a portable spectrometer for field or laboratory use. The unit is lightweight and runs off a 100-240V AC Universal 50-60Hz power supply or lithium-ion batteries.

The oreXplorer running EZ-ID mineral identification software is well-suited for mining exploration, mineral identification, mineral mapping and alteration mapping.

Optional EZ-ID mineral identification software provides pattern matching software that matches your target samples against three libraries of known samples for more than 1000 minerals: the USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC libraries.

When used with one of our contact probes – either the 10mm spot size or our 3mm spot size Miniprobe – the oreXplorer allows a geologist to collect a full day of scans in the field with high resolution and high sensitivity.

Kaolinite spectra in EZ-ID mineral identification software
oreXplorer high resolution field spectrometer

The oreXplorer can be used with either of two mineral contact probes: our standard contact probe with a 10mm spot size or our Miniprobe with a 3mm spot size.

Scan of kaolinite

A closeup of scans of kaolinite enlarged to show the 1400nm absorption feature difference between the oreXplorer (blue) scan and a standard field spectrometer (red) scan.

Field spectrometers for mining

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