oreXpress Spectrometer

Field Portable NIR Spectrometer for Mineral Identification and Analysis

Searching for a spectrometer for mining exploration applications? The oreXpress delivers the following advantages in the field:

  • High signal-to-noise ratio for better reflectance values
  • Fast start-up and use, with no optimization step required to start scanning or between scans
  • DARWin SP Data Acquisition software automatically saves scans as ASCII files - no hours of pre-processing to use with 3rd party software
  • Collect target data with a single click
  • Mineral identification capabilities are built-in - use our EZ-ID software, compare scans versus existing libraries such as SpecMIN, USGS, and GeoSPEC or compare against your own custom libraries
  • Our library builder allows you to quickly build new libraries and add to existing libraries
  • Rugged handheld tablet with a sunlight readable display includes an auto-focus digital camera, and GPS  as well as the ability to tag scans with pictures, notes GPS, etc.
  • Ergonomic mineral contact probes and rugged metal clad fiber cable
  • Lightweight lithium-ion battery for power in the field
  • A range of accessories

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION mining customers range from some of the world's largest to junior miners, including Rio Tinto, Trafigura, and Mineral Targeting and Exploration, to name a few.

Geologists and exploration managers can identify minerals associated with gold, silver, iron, copper, diamonds, aluminum, uranium, and more across a range of deposit types, including epithermals, porphyries, kimberlites, carbonate hosted base metals, shear veins, skarns, and disseminated gold systems.

  • In addition to in situ measurement and identification in the field, these geological spectrometers are also ideal for core shack logging. In fact, in one application, core logging analysis was cut from six hours to just two hours with a SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometer.

  • Core logging with an oreXpress

Spectrometers for Mining

  • oreXpress field spectrometer for mining
  • oreXpress Spectrometer

    • Ideal for field measurements on pits, hand sample analysis, chip trays
    • Also ideal for core logging in logging shacks
    • External battery for field work
  • For core shack use, we also offer a foldable field cart or a lightweight plastic tall field cart with three shelves.

    For information on all of our mining accessories, please click here.

  • Accessory cart

EZ-ID mineral identification software

EZ-ID Software

The oreXpress spectrometer is available with EZ-ID software that provides:

  • An easy way to create a custom mineral library
  • The ability to quickly add spectra to an existing library
  • Pattern matching algorithms that can be used with USGS, SpecMIN and GeoSPEC mineral spectral libraries
  • Display of your match report on-screen

EZ-ID builds mineral identification capabilities into the oreXpress. You can quickly identify the mineral, compare it against an existing general library like the USGS, or match it to the custom library that you have built with EZ-ID.

oreXpree field spectrometer for mining

The oreXpress spectrometer delivers the benefits of a full range NIR spectrometer to the geologist in the field. The oreXpress makes mineral identification fast and efficient. It is used for:

  • Mapping alteration zones
  • Vectoring to mineralization
  • Open pit mapping
  • Analyzing outcrops, hand samples, and RC chips
  • Quickly analyzing drill core samples

The oreXpress saves spectra as ASCII files and works with third party software such as:

  • SpecMIN
  • TSG

Click here for more information on software.

Mining Applications for the oreXpress and oreXpress Platinum:

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