Full Range / High Resolution Field Portable NIR Spectroradiometers for Remote Sensing

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION is a leading manufacturer of field-portable and laboratory NIR spectroradiometers and spectrometers for remote sensing applications including geological remote sensing, ground-truthing, spectral remote sensing, environmental and climate research, crop and soil research, vegetative studies, forestry and canopy studies, radiometric calibration transfer, upwelling and downwelling measurement and more. Our NIR spectrometers and spectroradiometers provide the best combination of high resolution and high sensitivity resulting in the most precise field portable instruments available on the market.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION NIR spectroradiometers provide:

  • Fast, full-spectrum UV-VIS-NIR measurements - 350-2500 nm with just one scan
  • Superior reliability in the field with 100% diode array optics with no moving parts
  • Bluetooth interface - ditch the rats nest of cables
  • Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries for field use
  • Lightweight and rugged
  • Standalone operation - internal memory holds 1000 scans (PSR+)
  • ALGIZ 8X rugged handheld tablet for field use running DARWin LT on Windows 10 with digital camera, and GPS
  • Field switchable optics for varying target sizes and measurement modes

All SPECTRAL EVOLUTION NIR spectroradiometers include our exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition and Analysis software for one-touch, full range spectroscopic analysis of samples. DARWin SP automatically saves data as ASCII files for use with 3rd party software without post-processing.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION NIR spectroradiometers feature NIST- traceable calibration for spectral radiance & irradiance measurements:

NEW! NaturaSpec™ Portable NIR Spectroradiometer

  • 350-2500nm
  • 1024 element UV-Enhanced Si array and one 512 element TE-cooled InGaAs array and one 512 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs array
  • Spectral resolution
    • 2.7nm @ 700nm
    • 5.5nm @ 1500nm
    • 5.8nm @ 2100nm

SR-6500 and SR-6500A Ultra High Resolution NIR Spectroradiometers

  • 350-2500nm range
  • Three TE-cooled photodiode arrays: 1024 element TE-cooled silicon detector; 512 element TE-cooled InGaAs detector; 512 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs detector
  • Spectral resolution:
    • 1.5nm @ 700nm
    • 3.0nm @ 1500nm
    • 3.8nm @ 2100nm

PSR+ 3500 High Resolution Full Range Portable NIR Spectroradiometer

  • 350-2500nm spectral range
  • 512 element Si array and two 256 element extended InGaAs arrays for best resolution in NIR ranges
  • Spectral resolution
    • 2.8nm @ 700nm
    • 8nm @ 1500nm
    • 6nm @ 2100nm

    RS-3500 Portable NIR Spectroradiometer

    • 350-2500nm spectral range
    • 512 element Si array and two 256 element extended InGaAs arrays for best resolution in NIR ranges
    • Spectral resolution
      • 2.8nm @ 700nm
      • 8nm @ 1500nm
      • 6nm @ 2100nm

    RS-8800 Remote Sensing Bundle

    • 350-2500nm range
    • Three photodiode arrays: 512 element silicon detector; 256 element TE-cooled InGaAs detector; 256 element TE-cooled extended InGaAs detector
    • Spectral resolution:
      • 2.8nm @ 700nm
      • 8nm @ 1500nm
      • 6nm @ 2100nm

      For budget-minded applications:

      PSR-1100f Field Portable NIR Spectroradiometer

      • 320-1100nm range
      • 512 element Si PDA
      • Spectral resolution
        • 3.0nm @ 600nm


      These scans were generated using DARWin SP Data Acquisition software included with each PSR-Series spectroradiometer. DARWin SP allows users to plot multiple scans on the same graph for easy comparison and analysis. All instruments feature automatic exposure control and auto-shutter for error-free operation.


      The PSR+ can also be used for geological remote sensing and mapping, is supremely reliable in the field and can collect spectra in as little as 100 milliseconds. In this graph, the PSR+ was used to measure reflectance of kaolinite (red), illite (light blue), dickite (green).

      PSR-Series of NIR spectroradiometers is ideal for:

      Spectral Evolution's lightweight battery operated portable NIR spectroradiometers can be outfitted with FOV lenses or fiber optics. Units can be handheld, tripod mounted or carried with a shoulder strap or backpack for easy use in the field. We offer fiber optic reflectance probes, leaf clips, and portable computers with wireless bluetooth interfaces to speed up your data collection.

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      RS-3500 Portable Spectroradiometer Bundle for Remote Sensing

      For remote sensing applications that demand the use of a fiber optic, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers the RS-3500 portable spectroradiometer bundle. The RS-3500 bundle includes the following:

      • SR-3500 spectroradiometer
      • DARWin SP data acquisition software
      • 1.5 meter detachable, metal clad fiber optic cable with SMA- 905 connector
      • NIST traceable radiance calibration for fiber optic cable (fiber mount FOV lense available as optional accessory)
      • Two Lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and two AC chargers
      • Pelican watertight protective hard case
      • Water resistant Tenba shootout mini backpack
      • 5 inch x 5 inch reflectance standard with protective case
      Popular Field Portable Spectroradiometer Accessories
      • 10mm and Miniprobe contact probes
      • Comfortable lightweight pistol grips
      • ALGIZ 8X rugged handheld tablet
      • Direct attach and fiber mount lenses
      • Benchtop reflectance probe
      • User detachable, ruggedized metal clad, fiber optic cables
      • Reflectance and transmittance sphere
      • Unique single handed leaf clip
      • Easy mount tripod
      • Backpack for field work
      • Reflectance panels