Lightweight Compact Field Portable Spectrometers & Spectroradiometers


Small in size– big on performance and features including:

  • PSR-1100f has an industry standard FC connection for a range of fiber optic cable lengths and 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 10 degree FOV lenses
  • Rugged anodized aluminum construction for field reliability
  • 320-1100nm spectral range
  • Keypad and function display– can take and store 2500 spectra without a computer
  • Calibrated for spectral radiance and irradiance with NIST- traceable standards
  • Tag spectra with GPS, elevation, photo and voice notes with companion ALGIZ 8X rugged handheld tablet
  • High reliability– all photodiode array optics with no moving gratings to break in the field
  • Autoexposure and autoshutter for easy one-touch operation
  • Snap-in 2800mAH Li-Ion rechargeable battery for >4 hours of continuous use
  • Remote sensing with wireless Bluetooth interface
  • Lightweight– less than 4 pounds
  • Exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition software provided

ALGIZ 8X rugged tablet

True handheld convenience for field work or remote sensing!- Use the PSR-1100f's LCD function display to take scans and store up to 2500 spectra, so the unit can be operated without a laptop or tablet.

Or use the optional ALGIZ 8X rugged handheld tablet running DARWin LT on Windows 10 to control the PSR-1100f via Bluetooth. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers the ALGIZ 8X tablet preloaded with all necessary software to run all Bluetooth enabled SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers. The ALGIZ 8X can be used to tag spectra with GPS readings, photos (with its built-in digital camera) and voice notes with its built in microphone.

PSR-100f field spectroradiometer

The PSR-1100f is well-suited for:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Soils & Crops
  • Oceanography & Inland Water
  • Forestry & Ecology
  • Vegetation Studies
  • Plant Science
  • Biomass Research

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