Lightweight Compact Field Portable Spectrometers & Spectroradiometers


Small in size– big on performance and features including:

  • PSR-1100f has an industry standard FC connection for a range of fiber optic cable lengths and 1,2,3,4,5,8 and 10 degree FOV lenses
  • Rugged anodized aluminum construction for field reliability
  • 320-1100nm spectral range
  • Keypad and function display– can take and store 2500 spectra without a computer
  • Calibrated for spectral radiance and irradiance with NIST- traceable standards
  • Tag spectra with GPS, elevation, photo and voice notes with companion rugged handheld tablet
  • High reliability– all photodiode array optics with no moving gratings to break in the field
  • Autoexposure and autoshutter for easy one-touch operation
  • Snap-in 2800mAH Li-Ion rechargeable battery for >4 hours of continuous use
  • Remote sensing with wireless Bluetooth interface
  • Lightweight– less than 4 pounds
  • Exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition software provided

True handheld convenience for field work or remote sensing!- Use the PSR-1100f's LCD function display to take scans and store up to 2500 spectra, so the unit can be operated without a laptop or tablet.

Or use the optional rugged handheld tablet running DARWin LT on Windows 10 to control the PSR-1100f via Bluetooth. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers a tablet preloaded with all necessary software to run all Bluetooth enabled SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers. This tablet can be used to tag spectra with GPS readings, photos (with its built-in digital camera) and voice notes with its built in microphone.

PSR-100f field spectroradiometer

The PSR-1100f is well-suited for:

  • Remote Sensing
  • Soils & Crops
  • Oceanography & Inland Water
  • Forestry & Ecology
  • Vegetation Studies
  • Plant Science
  • Biomass Research

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