RS-3500 Remote Sensing Portable Spectroradiometer Bundle

Vegetation scan with red edge

An Affordable Field Solution for Vegetation Researchers

Our RS-3500 Remote Sensing Bundle includes a fiber optic field portable remote sensing spectroradiometer plus all the accessories to match your application and budget.

The RS-3500 Remote Sensing Bundle provides:

  • Fast, full-spectrum UV-VIS-NIR measurements - 350-2500 nm with just one scan using the SR-3500 spectroradiometer
  • Superior reliability in the field with 100%diode array optics with no moving parts
  • Autoshutter, autoexposure, autodark correction before each new scan with no optimization step
  • Lightweight and compact at 8.94 lbs
  • Lightweight, re-chargeable, external Li-ion battery for field use
  • Removable fiber optic cable - field swappable and easy to replace
  • Optional SMA-905 FOV lenses available for increased flexibility
  • Factory calibrated radiance and/or irradiance using NIST traceable source
  • Bluetooth connectivity (Class I)
  • DARWin SP Data Acquisition software for one-touch scanning, automatically saves data as ASCII files for use with 3rd party software without pre-processing
  • Pull-down menus from DARWin for access to USGS library and vegetation indices

Applications for the RS-3500 bundle include:

  • Ground truthing - confirming, disputing, or interpreting hyperspectral or multi-spectral data
  • Environmental research
  • Agricultrural analysis
  • Ecosystem change
  • Forestry research, including canopy studies
  • Glacial change and climate studies
  • Atmospheric research
  • Vicarious satellite sensor validation
  • Water body studies
  • Plant species identification
  • Urban development
  • Crop health, including photosynthesis efficiency
  • Irrigation assessment
  • Topsoil fertility and erosion risks
  • Soil degradation, mapping, and monitoring

RS-3500 field spectroradiometer

Purpose-built for field work in remote sensing applications, including vegetation studies, canopy research, climate change, crop health, environmental research, and more.

Leaf clip with sample

Our leaf clip is specifically designed for leaf reflectance measurements. It is a single handed clip with integrated white reference, light source and data scan trigger. An integral swing-away reflectance panel provides easy reference measurements.

Four inch RT sphere

For reflectance and transmittance measurements of vegetation including leaves and needles, we offer the RT Sphere. This portable sphere is ideal for measuring  reflectance and transmittance, and calculate absorption at varying bulb intensity levels—collect all diffuse light reflected from a sample, measuring total hemispherical reflectance For more information, click here. For our flyer, click here.


The scan above was taken in the field using our leaf clip bundle option and RS-3500 bundle. The red trace is acer saccharum and the green is rhododendron decorum. The leaf clip bundle includes a single handed clip with integrated white reference, light source and data scan trigger.