UDS-1100 & UDS-1100SA Upwelling/Downwelling Field Spectroradiometer

Now you can simultaneously measure upwelling and downwelling with SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’s UDS-1100 spectroradiometer. This field spectroradiometer is available as a field unit or in a standalone configuration – the UDS-1100SA. Both packages are built into a NEMA enclosure.

The UDS-1100 uses a single, 512-element photodiode array with a spectral range of 320-1100nm. The system can be configured with a 4 degree lens or a 25 degree field of view (FOV) window. The four degree lens is used for upwelling; there is a circular diffuser at the top for downwelling. Using a computer attached via USB or Bluetooth, and DARWin SP Data Acquisition software, the operator can adjust parameters and collect scans automatically at regular intervals with the standalone configuration. The UDS-1100SA includes a re-chargeable lithium-ion battery that can scan continuously for up to 24 hours. The standalone configuration can collect up to 800 full upwelling and downwelling scans. The UDS-1100SA can be configured to work with different 12V batteries, such as automotive, marine, or solar batteries – contact us to discuss options.

DARWin SP Data Analysis Software

All SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectroradiometers are equipped with DARWin SP Data Analysis software, so that you can take advantage of the following features:

  • Simultaneously capture and plot upwelling and downwelling with one measurement
  • Plot data and review results in radiometric or photometric units
  • Single and multiple spectral plots available
  • Compare current scans against libraries
  • Automatically saves data as an ASCII file to 3rd party software – no extra export function is necessary

Simultaneously measuring upwelling and downwelling radiation can be used in:

  • Research into the spectral characteristics of vegetation, including plant canopies
  • Soil and crop studies for agriculture
  • Forest canopy studies accounting for the effects of light and shade on leaves and soil
  • Ocean and seabed studies looking at chlorophyll concentration for sea grass and coral reef health
  • Environmental studies on snow and ice conditions
  • Weather station research including studies on UV and variations in long-term radiation or meteorological measurements at remote locations
UDS-1100 upwelling and downwelling spectra
UDS-1100UDS-1100 on tripod

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