DARWin SP Data Acquisition Software for all Spectral Evolution Instruments

DARWin SP Data Acquisition  software controls the actions of all Spectral Evolution instruments. Using pull down menus you select reference or target spectra with a single click, manage the communications interface between the instrument and your computer, select reflectance, absorption or transmittance measurements and the appropriate accessory settings, select and manage plot settings, and pull down menus for vegetation indices, colorimetry, direct energy, first and second derivatives and solar simulator testing. Features include:

  • Auto-shutter for auto-dark correction
  • Auto-integration for each detec tor
  • User selectable averaging
  • User selectable radiometric calibration
  •  Instrument status display
  • Automatically saves spectra as ASCII files for use with third party software
  • User adjustable timing
  • External trigger inputs with an adjustable 0-50ms delay
  • Access to and control of EZ-ID match analysis and library builder modules

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION EZ-ID Software Library Builder Module

Create your own custom library of sample spectra for a specific set of samples, locations, projects – quickly and easily with our Library Builder Module that’s part of EZ-ID Sample Identification software.

  • Scan your sample with your spectrometer or spectroradiometer
  • Select the appropriate metadata associated with the scan
  • Define your own metadata fields
  • Add new scans to an existing library just as quickly and easily
  • Run new target scans against your library for immediate identification

Library Builder is a powerful tool for creating a custom library that will make your identification processes even more accurate.