Mining Software for Spectral Evolution Field Portable Spectrometers

Every SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometer and Spectroradiometer is supplied with our exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition software – a full-featured, menu driven program for easy data manipulation and analysis of multiple UV-VIS-NIR spectra. The DARWin SP module features one-touch operation and easy, intuitive menus for fast, effortless operation.

Users can take advantage of the following DARWin SP analysis features:

  • Automatically saves data as an ASCII file for compatibility with SpecMIN, GRAMS, TSG and other 3rd party software – no extra export function necessary
  • Collect reference or target data with a single click
  • Display reflectance/transmittance data (percentage) or absorbsance (logarithmic) versus wavelength
  • Single and multiple spectral plots available
  • Compare current scans against libraries, including USGS libraries

EZ-ID Mineral Identification Software

Our EZ-ID software allows you to quickly identify minerals of interest, match them against existing libraries (like SpecMIN, USGS or GeoSPEC), or create your own custom library. EZ-ID software provides:

  • An easy way to create a custom mineral spectral library
  • The ability to quickly add spectra to an existing library
  • Pattern matching algorithms in interactive mode that can be used with SpecMIN, USGS, GeoSPEC and other available libraries for mineral identification
  • Display of your match report on screen

With EZ-ID, the mineral identification capabilities are built into the spectrometer, so you have instant access in the field. The results include more accurate identification, faster identification and the ability to take more sample scans in less time.

Compatibility with 3rd Party Analysis Software

Because DARWin saves scan data in an ASCII format it is ready-to-use with a number of popular 3rd party analysis software, including SpecMIN, GRAMS, and The Spectral Geologist (TSG).


SpecMIN is a mineral identification system that includes an extensive library of reference spectra for minerals, wavelength search/match tables, physical properties of each species in the database, and literature references for the infrared active mineral phases. SpecMIN is available with SPECTRAL EVOLUTION’S EZ-ID.

For mineral identification, SpecMIN offers over 500 infrared active mineral species with almost 4,000 spectra. The automated spectral match tables present matches by:

  • Major and minor absorption features
  • Mineral species
  • Mineral groups

Feature analysis tables are available for individual species and diagnostic absorption features for each mineral selected. There is also an automated search/match feature for identification help. SpecMIN is a product of Spectral International, Inc. 



GRAMS is a suite of software programs for visualizing, processing, and managing the spectroscopic data you collect. It offers tool to capture, store, process, and report data. It has a graphical multivariate analysis tool for building both quantitative and qualitative models for discriminant analysis. GRAMS provides:

  • Advanced processing routines, data comparison, and visualization
  • Spectral database provides a scalable data management tool
  • Spectral pattern matching/library searching
  • Chemometrics software for deploying chemometric calibration models

GRAMS software is a product of Thermo Scientific. For more information on GRAMS, click here.

The Spectral Geologist (TSG)

TSG is a suite of tools for geological analysis of spectral reflectance data of minerals, rocks and soils, drill cores, and chips. With TSG, a user can generate a detailed analysis of multiple spectra, use core images and ancillary data streams, and work with small or large data sets. TSG features the following capabilities:

  • Analyze any size spectral data set
  • Make thousands of spectra into calculated mineralogical indices for analysis os specific mineral characteristics, such as composition
  • Automate the mineral interpretation process
  • Integrate spectrally derived data with imported geochemical and geological mine data
  • Visualize and plot results in a wide range of formats and views

For more information on TSG, click here.

Field data acquisition with DARWin LT and the ALGIZ 8X

The oreXpress spectrometer and EZ-ID software are trademarks of Spectral Evolution, Inc. For added convenience, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers and Spectroradiometers may be custom ordered with laptop computers preloaded with DARWin SP Data Acquisition Modules. Depending upon your unique situation, we can put together a specialized computer package that takes you application and portability needs into account. Contact us today for additional information.

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION also offers the ALGIZ 8X rugged tablet running DARWin LT on Windows 10. DARWin LT supports all the features of DARWin SP Data Acquisition software on a tablet.

True handheld convenience for field work or remote sensing!- SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers the ALGIZ 8X with DRWin LT software to run all Bluetooth enabled SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers. The ALGIZ 8X can be used to tag spectra with GPS readings, and photos (with its built-in digital camera).

Additional software drivers and utilities

Contact us for information on additional drivers (e.g., Labview) that are available for specific instrument models.