Software capabilities for specific applications with SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers

Every SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometer and Spectroradiometer is supplied with the exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition Module- a full-featured, menu driven program for easy data manipulation and analysis of multiple UV-VIS-NIR spectra. The DARWin SP module features one-touch operation and easy, intuitive menus for fast, effortless operation.

Vegetative index applications & calculation subroutines

Leaf Reflectance: Rhododendron decorum (green trace) and Acer saccharum (red trace) leaf reflectance were measured using a SPECTRAL EVOLUTION PSM-3500 Spectrometer with the companion SPECTRAL EVOLUTION ILM-105 Fiber Optic Illumination Module fitted with an optional 1 meter bifurcated fiber optic cable. The graphs were generated using the easy-to-use DARWin SP Data Acquisition and Analysis software included with each PSR-Series Spectroradiometer. DARWIN SP allows users to plot multiple scans on the same graph for easy comparison and analysis. All units feature automatic exposure control and auto-shutter for simple operation.

Certain SPECTRAL EVOLUTION models designed for soil & vegetative index measurements come with specialty pulldown menus to automatically calculate 17 broadband and narrowband vegetative indicies (see pull-down menu below). Each index can be user modified with simple on-screen menu-driven instructions. Calculated indicies include:

NDVI (Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) GRVI (Green Ratio Vegetation Index) SR (Simple Ratio Vegetation Index) DVI (Difference Vegetation Index) SAVI (Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index) Red/Green (Red Green Ratio) ARVI (Atmospherically Resistant Vegetation Index) Green NDVI (Green Normalized Difference Vegetation Index) EVI (Enhanced Vegetation Index) MSAVI2 (Modified Soil Adjusted Vegetation Index Type II) IPVI (Infrared Percentage Vegetation Index) Sum Green (Summed Green Vegetation Index) PRI (Photochemical Reflectance Index) NDVI705 (Red Edge Normalized Vegetation Index) WBI (Water Band Index) NDWI (Normalized Difference Water Index) PAR (Photosynthetically Active Radiation) NDNI (Normalized Difference Nitrogen Index)

Mineral reflectance

SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometer models designed for mineral reflectance measurements also come with specialty pulldown menus to allow users to access scans from the USGS Spectral Library for comparison to known samples (see panel below). Contact us for additional information on this unique feature!

DARWin SP Data Acquisition Module outputs data files into ASCII format which is compatible with many 3rd party software programs including THE SPECTRAL GEOLOGIST (TSG). Contact SPECTRAL EVOLUTION for more information on generating spectrometer data for interpretation with 3rd party solutions.

Solar simulation and CIE 1931 colorimetry

Certain SPECTRAL EVOLUTION models designed for measuring solar radiance have capabilities for calculating a spectral match report for measuring class performance as per IEC60904-9/ASTM E927-05. This is especially useful for measuring the performance of continuous solar simulators. All SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers can be used to measure CIE 1931 Colorimetry parameters.

Energy Measurement

All SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectroradiometers also come with a pull-down utility that allows users to calculate integrated energy levels as a function of wavelength interval (user adjustable). An example of this useful tool is shown below:

PDA mobile data acquisition with DARWin and the GETAC PS336

For added convenience, SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers and Spectroradiometers may be custom ordered with laptop computers preloaded with DARWin SP Data Acquisition software. Depending upon your unique situation, we can put together a specialized computer package that takes you application and portability needs into account. Contact us today for additional information. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION also offers a Windows-based DARWin SP Data Acquisition software for use with fully rugged handheld PDA devices. This program allows every SPECTRAL PDA. Contact us today for additional information.

True handheld convenience for field work or remote sensing!- SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers a PDA compatible version of its DARWin SP Data Acquisition software that permits fingertip control of mobile data and can be used to trigger data collection remotely. SPECTRAL EVOLUTION offers the GETAC PS336 PDA preloaded with all necessary software to run all Bluetooth enabled SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometers. The GETAC can be used to tag spectra with GPS readings, photos (with its built-in digital camera) and voice notes with its built in microphone.

In this image, the PS336 was used to take a leaf scan along with a photo of the leaf.

Contact us for information on additional drivers (e.g., Labview) that are available for specific instrument models.

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