DARWin SP Data Acquisition Software

Software for SPECTRAL EVOLUTION spectrometers and spectroradiometers

Every SPECTRAL EVOLUTION Spectrometer and Spectroradiometer is supplied with the exclusive DARWin SP Data Acquisition software – a full-featured, menu driven program for easy data manipulation and analysis of multiple UV/VIS/NIR spectra. The DARWin SP module features one-touch operation and easy, intuitive menus for fast, effortless operation. DARWin saves your scans as ASCII files for use with third party software, including chemometric software, without pre-processing.

Optional licenses available for Camo Analytics Unscrambler for quantitative analysis and model building with the prediction engine called from our DARWin SP Data Acquisition instrument software for real time predictions on a laptop or tablet.

DARWin SP features the following capabilities:

Data Collection:
  • Collect reference or target scan spectra with a single click
  • Automatic shutter for dark compensation
  • Automatic integration time adjustment for each detector, or user can set values manually
  • User-selectable averaging
  • User-selectable radiometric calibration for instruments supplied with multiple entrance optic accessories
  • Instrument status displayed after each scan (voltage, temperature, scan title, etc.)
  • Automatically saves spectra to text files for later retrieval
  • Timed mode: spectra can be collected at user adjustable intervals from 1 second to 1 hour.
  • Trigger mode: instruments equipped with external trigger inputs can collect data when receiving a trigger signal, with adjustable 0-50 ms delay
Plotting Data:
  • Spectrometry – display reflectance/transmittance data (percentage) or absorbance (logarithmic) vs. wavelength
  • Spectroradiometry – display spectral radiance or irradiance vs. wavelength, depending on entrance optic
  • Two types of spectral plots available: single and multiple
  • Single scan plot displays active spectrum (radiometric/ratio/both with separate y-axes), with or without the associated reference.
  • Single scan plot also features a data table window with user-selectable columns (channel #, wavelength, radiometric/ratio values for both reference and active spectra)
  • Table data can be easily copied to spreadsheet software
  • Multiple scan plot displays numerous scans on the same axes; easily compare current scans against ones collected over an extended time period or archived data
  • Selectable plot lines highlight the corresponding legend items. Selectable legend titles allow you to hide/show/delete plot lines or copy them to new plot windows
  • All plots have automatic or manual vertical scaling adjustment and axis limits
  • Zoom and pan functionality. Single scan plots can zoom multiple y-axes together or independently
  • Adjustable plot titles, axis labels, color palettes, line thickness and antialiasing
  • Optional adjustable-width moving average filtering
  • DARWin SP also calculates first and second derivatives of your spectra
Scan Information Window:
  • Displays up-to-date instrument parameters (device ID, voltage, detector temperature readings)
  • Displays current scan parameters (title, averages setting, integration settings, dark current subtraction mode)
  • Spectroradiometry: integrated radiance or irradiance, with user-adjustable wavelength range and display units
  • Photometry: luminance/illuminance
  • Colorimetry: x’,y’ coordinates and correlated color temperature
  • Derivatives: calculate first and second derivatives

DARWin SP includes:

DARWin SP is also available in two additional versions:

DARWin SP is also available with sample identification software:

EZ-ID for mineral identification allows you to collect a scan from an unknown target and match it to a known mineral scan from the USGS spectral library, SpecMIN, GeoSPEC or other commercial spectral libraries, or a custom library you can build with the Custom Library Builder module that is part of EZ-ID.

Create your own custom library of sample spectra for a specific set of samples, locations, projects – quickly and easily with our Library Builder Module that’s part of EZ-ID Sample Identification software.

  • Scan your sample with your spectrometer or spectroradiometer
  • Select the appropriate metadata associated with the scan
  • Define your own metadata fields
  • Add new scans to an existing library just as quickly and easily
  • Run new target scans against your library for immediate identification

Library Builder is a powerful tool for creating a custom library that will make your identification processes even more accurate.

DARWin SP also offers 19 vegetation indices in a pull-down menu for researchers working in a range of vegetation studies, crop health projects, canopy studies, and more.

DARWin SP Data Acquisition software is easy to use with intuitive menus and a range of capabilities for capturing scans in the field, like the leaf scan shown above.